Green Smoke Review


Green Smoke is an international distributor of e-cigarettes it has recently made its UK presence known with a facility that is located in Middlesex. The company’s electronic cigarette features a two-piece electronic cigarette system that eliminates the hassle that is associated with its 3 piece siblings that are offered by its competitors. Green Smoke Review [...]

JACVapour Review


Founded in 2010, JACVapour is a distributor of e-cigarettes and accessories with ambitions of acquiring its share of the United Kingdom electronic cigarette market. The company provides a lot of options for its users, in the following areas: strength, colour, electronic cigarette battery size, e-liquids, cartomiser flavours, and the choice between manual and automatic batteries. [...]

Vapestick Review


The VAPESTICK Next Gen-XL Starter Kit came in a box that was black in colour and had a neon blue print that indicated that I had certainly received my original electronic cigarette starter kit. The concise user guide in the kit provides instructions on the usage techniques and how to properly care for the VAPESTICK-XL. [...]

Smoke Relief Review


In the last few years, Smoke Relief has grown to become a worldwide producer of e-cigarettes and has recently expanded into the United Kingdom market. With the increasing popularity of electronic cigarettes many e-cigarette companies have been trying to establish their presence in the market by offering quality products at prices that are competitive. One [...]

NUCIG Review


NUCIG Limited is a global e-cigarette provider that released its 1st advanced pro model more than six years ago and currently it is selling its fourth generation. NUCIG is based in the United Kingdom, which means that there won’t be any charging issues while in the UK. The website of NUCIG currently features six international [...]

Totally Wicked Review


Totally wicked is a company that is well known in the electronic cigarette industry as one of the 1st companies that emerged after electronic cigarettes were introduced to the global market. Totally Wicked is frequently favourably reviewed by its patrons. The company markets a wide range of e-cigars, electronic cigarettes, tanks, starter kits, and other [...]

VIP Electronic Cigarette Review


VIP Electronic Cigarette is based in Manchester and has experienced a boom in its popularity together with the general e-cigarette industry. The recent focus by the media on the controversy that surrounds e-cigarettes bares the best explanation for the boom in sales of e-cig products. VIP Electronic Cigarette provides a wide selection of starter kits, [...]



SkyCig is among the largest distributors of e-cigarettes in both Europe and the United Kingdom. In recent years the company has experienced substantial growth. The company’s aim is to give e-cigarette smokers the “freedom to smoke”. SKYCIG Review on the Current Discount £20 OFF FREEDOM KIT Use Coupon Code:  during checkout This it hopes to [...]

Gamucci Review


Gamucci was founded by Umer Sheikh and Taz, and was launched in 2007 for the provision of an alternative to smokers amidst the new implementation of the United Kingdom stricter regulations on tobacco cigarettes. Like other companies in the industry, e-cigarettes sold by Gamucci are engineered and manufactured in China. Gamucci Review on the Current Discount [...]

E-Lites Review


One of the founders of ECITA, E-Lites was among the first companies to enter the e-cigarette market in 2008 and this resulted in a local United Kingdom customer base that currently stands at 600,000. They have a veteran status in the electronic cigarette manufacturing and just like their competitor SkyCig, this has enabled them to [...]